Hello, An Invisible Visitor!

We are very glad to meet you, because if you are here so you are interested in small big-eared so you are one of us!

There is no kennels history yet because it was recently registered and it has a future ahead. Now there is only the history of our love to cockers and they are.

Im, Elena, when had seen the movie White Bim Black Ear as anyone seen it too, had been inspired with enormous feeling of love to dog and had began to demand a dog from my parents. Naturally they had not share my opinion: coat, dirt, walking, and how much it costs

The result was I began to save up 10-kopeck coins in the champagne bottle.

Years going I think it is not necessary to talk about my answer on the question what I want as a birthday present.

In the beginner school my girlfriend had a cocker, of course red. About other colors Id not know up to nearly my 30 years. He was jolly and naughty creation, which run with us and sledged. His name was Pif. He occupied a special part in my memory and was waiting for its hour.

By my 10th I saved about 80 rubles. Parents got wavered. But in their mind the dog it is only German sheepdog, and thats all.

The price on the good German sheepdog was 75 rubles and on very good 90. They added. My happiness had no bounds. Polina became my best psychotherapist for 7 years.

Then I had married and stumbled in incomprehension. My husband said that like only cats and absolutely indifferent to dogs. While we are meeting, boys from our courtyard had seen my mother feeding the young dog for a few days. And they decided that as our dog had died so my mother had been missing awfully. Boys knocked at the door and with the words Take him to your home he is good pushes him into our flat.

Thus Jonnik stayed with us for the 13 years middle-big dog. The kindest and the cleverest creature, half-breed of collie and husky, to collie. He was really very sharp-clever and very sensitive boy, which didnt need to learn commands. We just talked to him as to human, but always politely.
When Jonnik died I and my husband decided to bring to parents a dog. But not a puppy, to have no troubles. Once picked up an animal , we motioned to take a dog from the dogs refuge. The result of our dispute was the decision about kind, medium (not small or decorative) dog. The breed must such that we could take it to us in the case of my parents refusal. And then my husband said, that he always liked SPANIELS!

In a few days we took a red male and named him of course Pif. When we came to my parents they refused categorically, could forget how Jonniks death. We took Pif as 1yeared and have trusted. But the veterinary said he was 5. Have leaved him for ourselves. While tender outside he was such a devil at home. He bit at any cause with rage. It was suddenly and very painfully, crushing fingers and arms. It was impossible to define the cause. He can sit near, I stroke him and suddenly he jumped up and attacked. Of course he didnt allow to come near when he was under the table, at his place
After a month we didnt know what to do. Tried to punish him, but him he became furious and attacked in the flight. Our life became a nightmare. I dont know what would be the result but once he had refused to walk. We drived him to the doctor, have made tests - renal failure in the last. This may explain his behavior. The blood urea was in ten times more from standard. There were droppers, injections during another month. We have not time to put him to sleep, he have died on our hands. I cried, my husband cried.

In a few days he said that want to have a spaniel, couldnt cry any more. We looked at red, white-black and fell nothing. Accidentally have seen an announcement about three-colors cockers. Is it possible? Let go and see.

One kidling came to us with the dissatisfied expression on her face, have hided in my legs. I took her to my knees and she fell asleep immediately. There were no doubts ours, three-colored for luck! This was the advent of Uliana.

Once in childhood I was a few times at the DOSAAFs dogshows. It have leaved a vague feeling of the holidays. So we decided to take part with Uliana. Our breeder Sveta Popelugina said that the nearest was WHITE NIGHTS and we could take part as a puppy.

Dogshows draws in! It turned out that there are a big number such mad as we are and this is normal!It raced!

Since then 3 years have passed. No we have Jim (Junior) and Dusya (Duenia). A graduated the cynologistic courses. Now with the help of the dogs we have many good friends who love their Childs as we are. There many themes for discussions and meetings. And the visit to another city or country to the dogshow it is a big party and journey. So we opened for ourselves a new kind and tender side of our life without which we cannot live any longer!



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